Haiti – Day 4

February 15th, 2010 § 2

Today was an incredible day of seeing God at work in big ways within small communities through the interconnected community of social media. But first, some context.

Yesterday we came across a tent city with this group of people, who had not seen any food, water, or medical help since the earthquake happened one month ago:

And we posted this picture on flickr as well as this tweet on twitter.  As a result, tens of thousands of people saw and passed on the desperate need in this village.

So we showed up this morning expectant, wanting to see God work a miracle in this community.  And a miracle happened, it just wasn’t the one we had expected.  You see, no supply trucks rolled up, the U.N. didn’t march in, and Anderson Cooper didn’t come popping out of one of the tents.  Instead, we arrived to find things pretty much as we’d left them.  But within an hour, things had changed.  A group of doctors from Cuba showed up and were vaccinating and giving medical care to the whole community.

Beyond that, the previous night, when we had sent out the call for help, people had given money that eventually totaled $2000 to bring help.  A few members of our team took that money and found the only real grocery store in the entire city and bought a truck bed’s worth of rice, beans, cooking oil, and baby formula.  During that trip, they also ended up at the airport (where the U.N. and other NGO’s were staging relief efforts) and but by God’s grace, were able to meet with one of the top officials in the relief efforts who then added the two tent cities we had been visiting into their official system for providing relief.

With the food in the bed of the truck, we pulled into the community and saw what God had done in less than 24 hours to bring complete transformation to a community.  And God had done it through us.  And let’s face it, we’re not really all that special.  We’re not the type that regularly meet with the U.N. or influential people within major multi-national relief organizations, but God did an amazing work and brought blessing and life to a community that so desperately needed it.  And we got to be first-hand witnesses and participants in the midst of it.

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