What I Love About World Cup So Far: The Advertising

June 12th, 2010 § 0

As I sit here watching the open of the U.S./England game, I’m taking some time to soak in what has been one of my favorite things about the ramp-up to World Cup: the advertising.  Specifically, the ads produced by the two major sportswear powers: Nike and Adidas.

Nike’s ad, “Write the Future” debuted a few weeks back and is absolutely stunning.  It’s less of a commercial and more of a globe-spanning, 2.5 minute short film.  It sucks me in every time I see it.

Adidas Originals’ ad, “Cantina 2010” is phenominal.  It debuted just a week ago, but has already racked up nearly three million views on YouTube.  I don’t even want to spoil the premise or the details of this ad.  You just need to see it.

Obviously, Nike & Adidas have set the bar ridiculously high, and although most other companies won’t reach the same heights, I’m curious to see what will emerge in great advertising over the next month of World Cup soccer.

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